For four-fifths of our history, our planet was populated by pond scum (:

day 8 - things you want to say to 3 people 

Dear Dr Jon Hogg

When you’re done reading my dissertation please burn it. I’d like nothing more to do with it. Thanks

Dear Matt (@ Matthew Street Holland&Barratt)

You really brightened my day. It’s the simple things, like hiding my bread under the desk so that no one else can buy it before i get the chance to, that make me happy, and make my life just that little bit easier. Thank you, I got to have nice sandwiches today :)

Dear Grandy

I wish I had just half the strong will, determination, and bravery that you had.

well it’s safe to say i’m pretty stressed out today, but it’s fine, everything will be fine in the end…

in the mean time though i’m going to stew about it, stuff myself with bolognaise, make burgers for tomorrow’s tea so i can just whack them in the oven when i get in, make a cake, have a bath, snuggle up and then stew about it some more, then maybe tomorrow i’ll buy myself a nice jumper to make myself feel better, knitwear and cake makes everything better (Y)

side note, everything that is lost in the mail, was dispatched on the 27th September, even dad’s stuff, wtf is happening

so, to update..

went to the postal depot, with my tracking number, and they said they had no record of it, at all. the only thing they could think of was that arriva had registered to send it, but then not actually sent anything…which is monumentally helpful ¬_¬

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guess what arrived this morning


fml ¬_¬

phoned arriva, who said they posted my bus pass on tuesday 27th and that it should really be here by now, but they gave us a royal mail tracking number and said to phone the sorting office. SO, we typed the tracking number into the royal mail website tracking function and it said that no information was available yet, because it may take a few days after they receive it…IT’S BEEN OVER A WEEK! ¬_¬ so mum’s gone to the sorting office down the road to have a rant and see about getting compensation for travel costs for the past week ¬_¬

i want my post >_<

desperate times call for desperate measures

just sent a letter first class to ourselves, if this doesn’t arrive tomorrow morning, posties be warned ¬_¬