For four-fifths of our history, our planet was populated by pond scum (:

Day Six: What’s your favourite piece you have knit? 

My socks. Luna’s Moonlight found here 

with drops delight found here

I love knitting with dpn’s now, there’s just something nice about it.

Day 5: How long did it take from the time you learned how to knit, to finish your first project? 

Let’s just go with the scarf for this one…I’m not sure, about a month or so maybe? It’s a very long scarf

i really want to paint my nails and carry on knitting my cardigan, but i’m starting work on monday so i want to make a good impression and have nice clean neatly manicured nails rather than cutely coloured nails, and i can’t paint them anyway seen as i smashed my thumb nail yesterday and it’s sorrreee :( and because of the smashed thumb nail it hurts to do psso’s because i can’t pick up the stitches properly and that’s essentially what the entirety of the pattern is D:

retail therapy choosing new wool for the hat i’m knitting for when callum takes me to venice

Day Four: How did you learn to knit? 

Mum taught me, it took a long time, and a lot of perseverance, and i still get mum to undo rows for me, and count stitches when i’m struggling, but generally speaking i got there. (Y) Anything that I don’t understand how to do, and mum doesn’t know either, is resolved by the internet and it’s wealth of videos. 

Day Three: Do you have any other WIPs? 

Day 3: Do you have any other WIPs (works in progress)?

I have to sew in some details on my knitted Usain Bolt, but I’m pretty sure that’s it..I don’t really work on more than one project at a time. I have plenty of planned projects though, but I’m not allowed to buy wool for them yet because I have literally nowhere to put it. ^^

Day Two: What is currently on your needles? 

Sirdar cardigan, i’ve done all of the back, but the front i just can’t get the pattern to work. It’s a nightmare, and apparently the pattern isn’t wrong it’s just me :( so instead i’m knitting the sleeves then going back to have a fight with the two front pieces.

Day One: What was your first finished project? 

technically speaking it was this little mouse thing, which was essentially a 10x10 white square, with endless amounts of holes, dropped stitches, wonky edges, it really was horrendous, stitched together at the edges, and then some eyes and a nose “embroidered” on…

since my ‘actually being able to knit phase’ started a couple of years ago, my first proper project would have been my Doctor Who Scarf, it is literally miles long and i have to wrap it around myself 6 times to make it a normal length, albeit it one where breathing function is inhibited slightly

progress: summer knitting project A

sirdar click dk, 9523, shade 191

start date: Monday 25th June 2012

current date: Wednesday 27th June 2012

day 3 - describe your day in great detail 

(from yesterday)

SOOO good  ^^

got up really early, got dressed (working a lilac angel mohair silk mix jumper, with shorts, black tights and lace up boots, with my tatty devine fox necklace)

got dropped off at the train station, got on le train, found naomi, and mished down to ellesmere port

went to ellesmere port civic hall, and then got looooaaadsss of yummy gluten free freebies, and tried loads of stuff including cake, and pizza, and sausages, and beer, and ginger bread men, i got such a good haul of stuff i barely know what to do with it all ^^ 

i bought: an apple and blackberry pie, some trufree crackers and chocolate fingers, 2 packs of warburtons lemon and poppy seed muffins, a hunters pear and ginger pudding (sooo yummy), 2 pots of sticky toffee pudding (om nom nom), some barkat pretzels, anddddd 3 foodamentalist pork pies, so happy ^^ AND with all that i got a free juvela white loaf, some biscotti, and white mix, 4 glutafin rolls, more white mix, and mini crackers, some barkat biscuits, and loadsss of leaflets and recipe ideas ^^ also got a flyer for a coeliac friendly b&b in powys, trip to wales here i come.

thennnn we had some lunch, although wasn’t really needed after all the samples we had, i had an onion bhaji and a cup of tea, naomi had swiss roll, but apparently it wasn’t that great, but the bhaji was tip top (Y)

by this point my arms had started shaking from the weight of all the food, so we had another mish round now that things had got a bit quieter, and we got free strawberry sundaes, and “tested” the dietary specials margherita pizza again just to make sure it was definitely the best thing we’d tried all day :D

thennnnn we left, got the train back, and i got dad to pick me up from the station because my arms had gone to sleep, and i don’t think i’d of been able to cope trying to get on another train, then a bus, so easy option for me thanks (Y) :P

when i got in i emptied alllll the food i’d got onto the floor to demonstrate how happy i was, then watched the haunted mansion whilst texting naomi about how good the pies were, and then callum came round, and my arm fell asleep completely whilst trying to eat doritos :( but we had chicken korma, followed by gf lemon cheesecake, and had an all round jolly night watching celebrity pointless with brian blessed, let’s dance for sport relief, and the end of doctor who: human nature (Y) before discussing in great detail assassin’s creed 3 (SO EXCITED YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE) and the in’s and out’s of Edward VI’s succession, because we’re intelligent types like that :P

and that is how i spent my saturday ^^

day 1 - some basic things about myself 

i’m natalie, i’m 20, i’m a history student

i live in england, near where the Beatles used to party

i have 2 pet rats, i knit, i paint and do other generally crafty things

i am wheat and gluten intolerant

90% of the time i have my hair in faux victory rolls



Did you guys know that I am an intense knitterly person? I just thought I should warn you, since winter is coming (bum bum) and that is when I find myself knitting the most. You may be forced to see more awkward pictures like these.

Neat knits!! :)

(Source: rollingsreliable)

finished knitting my cowl today, and by ‘my cowl’ i actually mean the cowl i was knitting for my potential mother-in-laws birthday (Y) 

I am going to have to knit one for myself though, i think i could work the amanda grayson/winona ryder look


sometimes my own geekiness astounds even me..

photo is a bit squished but meh whatever :P

content warning for below for ultra sensitive types

on a side note, where the fuck is my fucking post royal mail ¬_¬ y u no deliver to my house no moar? i want compensation for the money it’s costing me to get into liverpool everyday, the money has gonnneee from my account, so every time i come home i think my bus pass will be there, waiting for me, like an old friend, but no ¬_¬

p.s. i ordered that make-up weeks before the wedding for a reason, and it didn’t arrive and i hate you all ¬_¬ again, money gone from account and it says it’s been dispatched

same applies to my tesco club card

same applies to dad’s lovefilm subscription, so i know it’s not just me you hate, but just my house in general, and i know you’re not on strike because i sit and watch the posties every day like some kind of hitchcock psychopath ¬_¬

this has been a post about knitting, star trek and the royal mail (Y)



sometimes she’d drop a stitch or two
in a hurry to get her winter blanket ready.



sometimes she’d drop a stitch or two

in a hurry to get her winter blanket ready.