For four-fifths of our history, our planet was populated by pond scum (:

couldn’t even be bothered updating about the bus pass situation, its been far too stressful

thursday i was just so exhausted i came in, got my pyjamas on and curled up in a ball under a blanket on the sofa, despite the fact i was starving. i just didn’t care anymore. but i did get gf fish finger butties out of it so it’s all good on that front (Y)

anyway, arriva say my pass is on its way, but when you use the royal mail track and trace system, or one of them..because for some reason there’s two…on one it says it’s on its way, and on the other the number isn’t recognised as per last week. so mum phoned the track and trace ‘hotline’ whilst i was at my seminar, and they said to give it until saturday, and then get back in touch with arriva ¬_¬ because theyyy have to report it lost, otherwise i won’t get my money back, this is just a complete, unbelievable, farce and a half

click please chaps and chappettes, i want my dragon to hatchhh


Felted green dragon collage by ~tallydragon


Felted green dragon collage by ~tallydragon

well it’s safe to say i’m pretty stressed out today, but it’s fine, everything will be fine in the end…

in the mean time though i’m going to stew about it, stuff myself with bolognaise, make burgers for tomorrow’s tea so i can just whack them in the oven when i get in, make a cake, have a bath, snuggle up and then stew about it some more, then maybe tomorrow i’ll buy myself a nice jumper to make myself feel better, knitwear and cake makes everything better (Y)

side note, everything that is lost in the mail, was dispatched on the 27th September, even dad’s stuff, wtf is happening

so, to update..

went to the postal depot, with my tracking number, and they said they had no record of it, at all. the only thing they could think of was that arriva had registered to send it, but then not actually sent anything…which is monumentally helpful ¬_¬

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