For four-fifths of our history, our planet was populated by pond scum (:

nice things that happened this weekend 

  • i have painted my toenails to look like mini eggs
  • i got free samples of newburn bakehouse yummyness
  • kimmy asked me to be maid of honour at her wedding (!!!!!!!!:D!!!!!!)

I have a sausage roll and a strawberry Ribena for my lunch today. This makes me happy.

i miss proper toast…just the smell, and the pools of melted butter are the most comforting thing in the world…

and i really don’t feel right today, and i could do with some toasty comfort..

but i can’t

just brewed the strongest cup of tea ever because I was too busy discussing my various medical issues…

nice to have found a dilemma buddy though!

Do you ever have one of those days where maybe you just shouldn’t have bothered getting out of bed..
Alarm goes, so I stretch and BAM cramp in my leg, agony, can’t move, can’t get out of bed…all could have been avoided if I hadn’t attempted getting up *nods*
Manage to lever myself out of bed but cannot put any weight on it unless I want to end up in a crumpled heap on the floor, yay for weak and woozy walking!
Add to that an allergic reaction! (yay! Cross contamination sucks, I literally haven’t eaten anything risky ¬_¬) stabbing pains, getting something in my eye, banging my elbow on the desk right at that point where it makes it feel like you’re going to pass out or die or something, whilst simultaneously trapping my finger in the drawer, forgetting part of my lunch, and my fruit going all black and squishy despite being in the fridge!
I’d like to go back to bed now, I want a shower, and my scone, and then I would like to be in the bed, where it is safe

Someone’s gone and eaten my fruit out of the bleedin fridge! ffs people!

If it’s a shared work fridge, you should only be eating what you put in right? right???

last week I managed to leave a tub of mango in there all weekend and no one touched it, but nooo someone has robbed off with my tub of fruit, so fecking annoyed! never trust dockers i’m telling you, they’re all a bunch of wankers and deserve to all get heat stroke ¬_¬

would it be too much to leave a note? Sandra would have left a note…Sandra leaves notes for everything…

it’d be alright if I didn’t have a SERIOUS FOOD ALLERGY that meant I can’t eat anything else that you twatbags have stashed around this place!

can’t believe i’m this annoyed over fruit…

day 12 - screenshot your desktop 

and in those open windows at the bottom:

chrome: 13 different tabs with journal articles and what not for my dissertation (and tumblr)

volume: which i just have permanently open because it’s easier

adobe reader: 1 ticket to Liverpool Allergy and Free From show waiting to be printed, and an 81 page document detailing the conjectural Kelly family tree

word: dissertation chapter 1 v2, more Kelly family tree based stuff, and a short document detailing the direct family tree from Robert Kinrade (1842) to me

outlook: email to Steve, in which i will attach the above family tree based document

fun stuff, busy day (Y)

Day 10 - If you could only live off one food and beverage for the rest of your days what would they be 


because as proven in my year 8 food tech project, you can do anything with pasta, including dessert (Y) AND it’s one of the few foods I can eat that tastes exactly the same whether its got gluten in it or not (Y)


I know it’s boring, but recently i get really paranoid if i don’t have a bottle of water with me :/ I drink 2 litres a day like a good girl, and as such my skin looks fab and i look infinitely less tired than i did before i started drinking vast amounts ^^ plus you can cheat with water and add things to it to make it into teaaa :D

day 8 - things you want to say to 3 people 

Dear Dr Jon Hogg

When you’re done reading my dissertation please burn it. I’d like nothing more to do with it. Thanks

Dear Matt (@ Matthew Street Holland&Barratt)

You really brightened my day. It’s the simple things, like hiding my bread under the desk so that no one else can buy it before i get the chance to, that make me happy, and make my life just that little bit easier. Thank you, I got to have nice sandwiches today :)

Dear Grandy

I wish I had just half the strong will, determination, and bravery that you had.

day 3 - describe your day in great detail 

(from yesterday)

SOOO good  ^^

got up really early, got dressed (working a lilac angel mohair silk mix jumper, with shorts, black tights and lace up boots, with my tatty devine fox necklace)

got dropped off at the train station, got on le train, found naomi, and mished down to ellesmere port

went to ellesmere port civic hall, and then got looooaaadsss of yummy gluten free freebies, and tried loads of stuff including cake, and pizza, and sausages, and beer, and ginger bread men, i got such a good haul of stuff i barely know what to do with it all ^^ 

i bought: an apple and blackberry pie, some trufree crackers and chocolate fingers, 2 packs of warburtons lemon and poppy seed muffins, a hunters pear and ginger pudding (sooo yummy), 2 pots of sticky toffee pudding (om nom nom), some barkat pretzels, anddddd 3 foodamentalist pork pies, so happy ^^ AND with all that i got a free juvela white loaf, some biscotti, and white mix, 4 glutafin rolls, more white mix, and mini crackers, some barkat biscuits, and loadsss of leaflets and recipe ideas ^^ also got a flyer for a coeliac friendly b&b in powys, trip to wales here i come.

thennnn we had some lunch, although wasn’t really needed after all the samples we had, i had an onion bhaji and a cup of tea, naomi had swiss roll, but apparently it wasn’t that great, but the bhaji was tip top (Y)

by this point my arms had started shaking from the weight of all the food, so we had another mish round now that things had got a bit quieter, and we got free strawberry sundaes, and “tested” the dietary specials margherita pizza again just to make sure it was definitely the best thing we’d tried all day :D

thennnnn we left, got the train back, and i got dad to pick me up from the station because my arms had gone to sleep, and i don’t think i’d of been able to cope trying to get on another train, then a bus, so easy option for me thanks (Y) :P

when i got in i emptied alllll the food i’d got onto the floor to demonstrate how happy i was, then watched the haunted mansion whilst texting naomi about how good the pies were, and then callum came round, and my arm fell asleep completely whilst trying to eat doritos :( but we had chicken korma, followed by gf lemon cheesecake, and had an all round jolly night watching celebrity pointless with brian blessed, let’s dance for sport relief, and the end of doctor who: human nature (Y) before discussing in great detail assassin’s creed 3 (SO EXCITED YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE) and the in’s and out’s of Edward VI’s succession, because we’re intelligent types like that :P

and that is how i spent my saturday ^^

day 1 - some basic things about myself 

i’m natalie, i’m 20, i’m a history student

i live in england, near where the Beatles used to party

i have 2 pet rats, i knit, i paint and do other generally crafty things

i am wheat and gluten intolerant

90% of the time i have my hair in faux victory rolls

so about 5 minutes ago I saw a post about gluten free (and everything else free) cosmetics company,

i went straight to their gluten free section to see what they had to say about being a gluten free company..

and in that section it explains how most vitamin E in cosmetics is derived from wheat

the only allergic reaction to a cosmetic I have had was to my dr organic vitamin E moisturiser…where my eyes inflated and were all red and sore for days, and i looked like some kind of reaction panda

IF vitamin e = wheat = horrible reaction THIS THEREFORE explains everything

excuse me whilst i go and check every single thing i own and have a cry about it…I always get sore irritated eyes if i wear mascara for too long, so i have to take it off and sit there with cooling things on my eyes…is this connected? as if things weren’t already complicated enough


how can i possibly be in this much pain, i haven’t even touched any wheat today >_< yesterday i caved and ate a singular dorito, completely fine, today i had nothing, even went to the trouble of finding a starbucks where they hadn’t sold out of gf sandwiches just to find reasonably nice noms ¬_¬

if this is still this bug thing, it needs to stop now, it’s been over a week ffs

owiie >_< 

couldn’t even be bothered updating about the bus pass situation, its been far too stressful

thursday i was just so exhausted i came in, got my pyjamas on and curled up in a ball under a blanket on the sofa, despite the fact i was starving. i just didn’t care anymore. but i did get gf fish finger butties out of it so it’s all good on that front (Y)

anyway, arriva say my pass is on its way, but when you use the royal mail track and trace system, or one of them..because for some reason there’s two…on one it says it’s on its way, and on the other the number isn’t recognised as per last week. so mum phoned the track and trace ‘hotline’ whilst i was at my seminar, and they said to give it until saturday, and then get back in touch with arriva ¬_¬ because theyyy have to report it lost, otherwise i won’t get my money back, this is just a complete, unbelievable, farce and a half

click please chaps and chappettes, i want my dragon to hatchhh

gluten free blackcurrant victoria sponge cake ^^

my first gf cake baking attempt, and i am more than pleased with it ^^ om nom nom :P