For four-fifths of our history, our planet was populated by pond scum (:

day 16 - If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do with your remaining time on earth? 

well for a start i’d burn my dissertation and everything to do with it seen as it will have all been a waste of time.

thennn i’d do all the things i haven’t been able to do in ages because of said dissertation. I’d kill things on AC:Revelations for a bit. I would rollerskate along the prom (assuming that some roller skates magically appeared, and the weather was really nice, and i could rollerskate..) whilst blasting, ultravox - dancing with tears in my eyes, how very apt in this situation, i’d build a den in the park looking out over the beach, camp out in it with callum for hours, eat ice cream, andddd probably order a massive dominos pizza, seen as apparently we’re all going to die anyway so what the hell :P

simple things

day 15 - a photo of someone you fancy at the moment 

this perfect specimen on the right. except i’d say it’s probably a little more than fancy..

he’s gorgeous, he’s funny, he’s the nicest, friendliest, politest person ever, and he’s mine

day 14 - pictures of 5 celebrity crushes 

Gregory Peck - don’t care if he’s dead, look at those eyes, how can you say no?

Gene Kelly - charming as hell, don’t care if dead

David Boreanaz - my first love, Buffy and Angel will always be my OTP, and look! he’s in a jumper

James McAvoy - especially as Professor X or Brian in Starter for 10, funny, charming, intelligent, mind melding, adorable

Damien Maloney - at first i wasn’t convinced by this new mitchell stand in on being human, all the pictures had him as this dark brooding leather jacket wearing thing, and it was too much like mitchell, and that made me sad. BUT he’s not like that at all, he’s mental, he doesn’t like people, he’s ocd, he’s funny as hell, and adorable, i like him. he may have over taken mitchell…in fact he must have as he isn’t in the top 5, aiden turner can be 6th, because he makes a pretty dwarf, but on tip top vampires hal has just topped him…he’s also technically speaking the 2nd vampire on this list…hmm.

day 13 - three confessions of your choice 

what kind of confessions? what level of confessing is this asking for?

  1. i should be writing my dissertation right now
  2. i really don’t like walking on my own when it gets dark, even just from the bus stop to my house, which is literally like 2 minutes
  3. i’ve got to that point where i think that buying a new set of dice will help me roll better numbers, rather than switching on the logical side of my brain, and accepting that it’s all statistics, and eventually i WILL roll a 20, it just might take a while

day 12 - screenshot your desktop 

and in those open windows at the bottom:

chrome: 13 different tabs with journal articles and what not for my dissertation (and tumblr)

volume: which i just have permanently open because it’s easier

adobe reader: 1 ticket to Liverpool Allergy and Free From show waiting to be printed, and an 81 page document detailing the conjectural Kelly family tree

word: dissertation chapter 1 v2, more Kelly family tree based stuff, and a short document detailing the direct family tree from Robert Kinrade (1842) to me

outlook: email to Steve, in which i will attach the above family tree based document

fun stuff, busy day (Y)

day 11 - your favourite quote 

i have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night

from the Sarah Williams poem The Old Astronomer to His Pupil

Day 10 - If you could only live off one food and beverage for the rest of your days what would they be 


because as proven in my year 8 food tech project, you can do anything with pasta, including dessert (Y) AND it’s one of the few foods I can eat that tastes exactly the same whether its got gluten in it or not (Y)


I know it’s boring, but recently i get really paranoid if i don’t have a bottle of water with me :/ I drink 2 litres a day like a good girl, and as such my skin looks fab and i look infinitely less tired than i did before i started drinking vast amounts ^^ plus you can cheat with water and add things to it to make it into teaaa :D

day 9 - pet peeves 

pavement drifters walking reaaaallllllly slowly, and in the way ALL the time no matter how hard you try to get round them (see day 2)

people who combine pavement drifting with smoking if you’re going to smoke, go for it, it’s your choice, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD don’t smoke, walk really slowly in my way, and flap your arms about with fag in hand at the same time!! because it’s just unpleasant. you may enjoy smoking, but I do not, and i have had enough of inhaling it, so let’s come to a compromise. You stand still, and take the time to enjoy having a smoke, and i get to go where i’m going without inhaling anything i don’t want to. simple.

people who are moving at a reasonable pace and then just stop dead in front of you


channel hopping when watching a programme there is no need to switch to something else when the adverts come on, yes they interrupt the programme, but switching to something else interrupts it more!! so stop doing it! Also applies when there is nothing on tv, don’t just hop aimlessly between channels, establish that there is nothing of interest on, then either put a dvd on, or switch it off and do something else! grrrr

day 7 - do you read? what are your favourite books? 

of course i readdd

and in that moment, all the books i’ve ever read have melted out of my brain…


harry potter: prisoner of azkaban, first HP i read, because i’m cool like that

the amazing maurice and his educated rodents - terry pratchett, cried my heart out when hamnpork died :(

georgia nicholson series, i can’t choose one of these, they all make me laugh, and they’re just nice easy books, that you can just read and be reminded of simpler times

okay so there’s no deep philosophical books here…they are all childrens books technically…i just have fonder memories of these books :)

but we can add a song of ice and fireto the list as well, just because i haven’t got to the point in the series where GRR Martin goes on a killing spree, and everything is still just aboutttt okayy..i’m less than half way through clash of kings so don’t spoil anything for me..

day 6 - which band or musician is most important to you? 

okay so i’m having two, shoot me ;)

Goo Goo Dolls

favourite band ever.

ever ever ever.

the end.

okay not the end, Dee (justadeelusion / justadress) bought me the dizzy up the girl album for my 14th/15th birthday, and i haven’t looked back since. i’ve seen them live 4 times (twice in one week), i own their entire back catalogue, 3 shirts, 2 keyrings, a necklace, and a signed lithograph. AND i fainted at one of their gigs. you’re not a real fan till you pass out and have to be carried out by your friend ;)

they just have a song for everything, for example: if you’re a massive Sherlock fan, listen to 'without you here' immediately after watching Reichenbach, that there is a almost traumatising combination..

"and my head lies to my heart, and my heart it still believes

the ones who truly love us, are the ones who we deceive”

Ludovico Einaudi

beautiful composer, distinctive sound, and truly moving pieces.

boyfriend took me to see him play in glasgow last year, and was genuinely gutted when he didn’t play i giorni, and then he did the encore, and that wasn’t i giorni either, but then all of a sudden IT WAS! and he blended into it and with those opening phrases of the one piece i had gone to hear i was moved to tears

day 4 - the meaning behind my tumblr name 


i don’t really was just something that i picked up in year 7, it was kind of a nickname, but i don’t ever remember being referred to as ‘ratticuss’, i remember there being a ratticuss almondflange character…i don’t know, it’s just something i picked up and never really thought about changing it..

day 3 - describe your day in great detail 

(from yesterday)

SOOO good  ^^

got up really early, got dressed (working a lilac angel mohair silk mix jumper, with shorts, black tights and lace up boots, with my tatty devine fox necklace)

got dropped off at the train station, got on le train, found naomi, and mished down to ellesmere port

went to ellesmere port civic hall, and then got looooaaadsss of yummy gluten free freebies, and tried loads of stuff including cake, and pizza, and sausages, and beer, and ginger bread men, i got such a good haul of stuff i barely know what to do with it all ^^ 

i bought: an apple and blackberry pie, some trufree crackers and chocolate fingers, 2 packs of warburtons lemon and poppy seed muffins, a hunters pear and ginger pudding (sooo yummy), 2 pots of sticky toffee pudding (om nom nom), some barkat pretzels, anddddd 3 foodamentalist pork pies, so happy ^^ AND with all that i got a free juvela white loaf, some biscotti, and white mix, 4 glutafin rolls, more white mix, and mini crackers, some barkat biscuits, and loadsss of leaflets and recipe ideas ^^ also got a flyer for a coeliac friendly b&b in powys, trip to wales here i come.

thennnn we had some lunch, although wasn’t really needed after all the samples we had, i had an onion bhaji and a cup of tea, naomi had swiss roll, but apparently it wasn’t that great, but the bhaji was tip top (Y)

by this point my arms had started shaking from the weight of all the food, so we had another mish round now that things had got a bit quieter, and we got free strawberry sundaes, and “tested” the dietary specials margherita pizza again just to make sure it was definitely the best thing we’d tried all day :D

thennnnn we left, got the train back, and i got dad to pick me up from the station because my arms had gone to sleep, and i don’t think i’d of been able to cope trying to get on another train, then a bus, so easy option for me thanks (Y) :P

when i got in i emptied alllll the food i’d got onto the floor to demonstrate how happy i was, then watched the haunted mansion whilst texting naomi about how good the pies were, and then callum came round, and my arm fell asleep completely whilst trying to eat doritos :( but we had chicken korma, followed by gf lemon cheesecake, and had an all round jolly night watching celebrity pointless with brian blessed, let’s dance for sport relief, and the end of doctor who: human nature (Y) before discussing in great detail assassin’s creed 3 (SO EXCITED YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE) and the in’s and out’s of Edward VI’s succession, because we’re intelligent types like that :P

and that is how i spent my saturday ^^

day 2 - 10 likes and dislikes 


  1. warm weather, sunshine streaming through windows kind of nice
  2. being able to snuggle up all cosy with a blanket, and other warm based things, hot water bottles, hot chocolate, jumpers, cat on knee
  3. cake, of all varieties ^^
  4. comfort food, beans, apple based desserts, sausages, cheese toasties, pizza you get the drill
  5. wool shops, and book shops with comfy seats
  6. cute animals, most animals tbh, preferably with no more than 4 legs
  7. pasta! in all forms, i would quite happily live off spaghetti bolognaise forever, take me to italy someone please, and then leave me there, in warm pasta-y goodness
  8. duck ponds
  9. warm sunny days sat in gardens or parks, with pretty dresses and picnics, and the smell of the grass, and the sounds of the sea
  10. trips to the pub, full of sarcastic comments, and laughs


  1. amaretto, or anything associated with almonds and the resulting flavour
  2. insecty things flying at me or near me
  3. dickheads
  4. weirdos on buses
  5. people who start raving over someone who has been doing well for years and years albeit not necessarily in the mainstream radar, then manages to get into the charts, and these people go on and on and on about how amazing they are, and how they’re their biggest ‘fans’, and then they lose interest within seconds ¬_¬ 
  6. the crapness of most gluten free bread
  7. watching injections or any kind of injury on tv, real or otherwise
  8. slow people, or ‘pavement drifters’, the ones who somehow manage to take up the whole pavement when you’re trying to get somewhere at a reasonable pace, and it is physically impossible to get round them :@ see also: ‘shop drifters’ particularly in primark, ffs hate that shop
  9. people who have pets but don’t care about them, resulting in neglect or abuse
  10. OMG windows in the dark! like if it’s pitch black outside, and the lights are on inside, and you can’t see what’s outside, literally THE scariest thing ever. I have to close the curtains when it gets dark, can’t leave them open, just don’t like it :/

day 1 - some basic things about myself 

i’m natalie, i’m 20, i’m a history student

i live in england, near where the Beatles used to party

i have 2 pet rats, i knit, i paint and do other generally crafty things

i am wheat and gluten intolerant

90% of the time i have my hair in faux victory rolls